Silent Witness
This image had been my TPN avatar but I decided to switch that to a photo of my actual self. So that freed this image up for critique!

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Sun Jul 11, '10 10:39AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 2011050900043237  
Date Sun Jul 11, '10 10:39AM
Comments 10
Views 1671
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Shot this on the morning of 11 July 2010, the day of a total solar eclipse on Easter Island. It had rained for 36 hours straight and the clouds were finally breaking up that morning, just in the nick of time. As they did so, the low morning sun peeked out from behind them and lit up this moai in dramatic light for just a few seconds. Luckily I was more than ready!

Silent Witness (Retouch)
Silent Witness (Retouch)

Well done. I might drop the black point a smidge for a little more contrast. I merely added a tone curve and dropped the mid/dark tones a little. It makes a more dramatic image in my opinion.

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Awesome Image, But I do agree with Walter.

@ Matt and Walter: thanks for that feedback, it is always welcome. I particularly appreciate your effort Walter to illustrate your suggestions. No question, your version looks better than mine and it even looks more like the reality that I saw. I was trying to achieve that look myself but am having trouble getting my TPN postings to closely resemble my Photoshop edits! I keep seeing undersaturated color and flat contrast upon posting, which has been especially noticeable lately as my recent posts have all involved bright colors. The image at top (my version, above your retouch) looks almost garish in PS, but still lacks the *POP* here that your version possesses. Not sure how to handle this as my monitor is calibrated and I am working in sRGB color space!

@ Richard, thanks for your appreciation! I had a feeling you would have special insight here. I got to this site at 6:00 AM to secure my spot in front of this moai for the eclipse, amidst what was sure to become a big crowd. Turns out I could have slept in three more hours and completely avoided getting soaked, and still would have acquired the same spot for the eclipse itself.

But for my trouble I was rewarded by being totally ready when this lighting very suddenly bathed the scene. At that moment my stomach dropped as I realized I was witnessing magic. It felt like the slow-motion effect of cresting that first huge hill on a roller coaster, just before the sudden precipitous drop. My hands were literally shaking as I took this, realizing what I had here.

No question this was very lucky, but I paid my dues for it starting pre-dawn that day. So perhaps I had earned good karma ;-)

I really appreciate this image.   This is one of those classic places where you want to go and once you get there, you cannot find a good way to take the photograph.  I was at this particular siite at least 2 mornings/evenings trying to find that magic time and it is so rare.   Great light and colors....very nice! 

@Patrick - when you are saving your images are you telling PS to include the sRGB profile color tag? I do that so that color aware browsers do the right thing with the color map.


Thank you Tom! Nice to make your acquaintance here.

Walter, I will look into your suggestion - I have never done what you are suggesting but I assume it is readily discernible through basic checking around :-) Thanks much!

Hi Patrick,

It s a very strong image!! Very nice lighting and colours.