Humboldt, California
It does get pretty hilly out there among the Redwoods, not to mention misty

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Mon Oct 19, '09 01:15PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 2011050500250164  
Date Mon Oct 19, '09 01:15PM
Comments 4
Views 1105
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
Aperture Value f//5
Date/Time Mon Oct 19, '09 09:15AM
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I love fog and layers....this is really very good and makes me feel very peaceful.   Mono is perfect for this too.   I was wondering if CS5 allows you to easily get rid of the faint powerlines?  Or a patience older version?   Great image!

Great atmosphere. The power lines do attract the eye a bit, but would not be difficult to remove, if your personal photography ethics allows it.

I agree absolutely with Ruud - if you can bring yourself to clone out the lines I think it would make an awsome photo!

Oh, I can bring myself to do that! I have basically no conscience when it comes to rendering a scene as I "saw" it with my mind's eye while viewing it through the viewfinder. My mind's eye is famous within my brain's creative quarters for it's deep and instantaneous capacity for revisionist history!

The fact about this posting is that I didn't even realize I had left those power lines in there when I hit Submit! I would never have put this otherwise completely adequate image up here, with such a gruesome distraction in it, had I realized it was there!!