Sani Pass, Southern Drakensberg
the highest pass in Africa as viewed through a natural frame in the mountains, there is a wonderful pub at the top, also the highest in Africa..

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Thu Feb 11, '10 02:20AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20110503195852406  
Date Thu Feb 11, '10 02:20AM
Comments 2
Views 1181
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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I am all for the wonderful pubs ;-)


It's a shame that the sky is blown out - it would have been nice to see some detail up there (I know how difficult it can be though living in the land of the flat sky!).  I would perhaps have been tempted to get low, bring the foreground into play in a much stronger way, and lessen the extent of the sky in the frame as it adds nothing to the scene.

Hiya Rob,

thanks, I agree with your comments, the day wasn't great, and there was a lot of medium solid cloud around, in retrospect I should have tried to leave the sky out completely, I wasn't really thinking photographically when I took the shot as we were starting a pretty long, and given the potential weather forecast, quick, hike. I will be going back up there, both to experience the pub again, and to do a 'proper' photography shoot.