Mourning Dove Duo
In cities like D.C. mourning doves are nearly as ubiquitous as pigeons. But to me they are nearly as charming as peace doves. Thanks for any thoughts on this composition.

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Mon Apr 10, '06 02:01PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110502211236718  
Date Mon Apr 10, '06 02:01PM
Comments 2
Views 1093
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Specifically what I am looking for here is whether this unusual take on the Rule of Thirds is effective, and whether the line formed by those two birds (which bisects the image in opposition to the two wires) is an effective device compositionally.

Should I have used greater DOF? Is the subject too mundane? Is that green BG pretty?

I find the composition very interesting, especially the unique rule of thirds as stated previously. The colors are beautiful and bright.