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sunrise tree
the effect of the red sunrise behind the pinetree, with all the pinecones visible as silhouettes made this shot a must get... admittedly I left the very top off...:-(

Image 606 of 682
Comments 2
Views 961
Media ID 20110428132352634 
Sat Apr 23, '11 12:23AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20110428132352634  
Date Sat Apr 23, '11 12:23AM
Comments 2
Views 961
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Patrick Flynn

Thursday, May 12 2011 @ 08:43 PM EDT

Andrew, do you have the tech specs on this exposure to share? I am wondering if the softness of some of the details within the tree branches, could have been avoided with a different exposure.

One thing that couldn't be improved is the stark silhouette of this tree against that glorious sky. Really well done!

Andrew Brown

Friday, June 24 2011 @ 09:04 AM EDT

Hi Patrick, I think I know where I am going wrong getting soft images all the time, it is in my reducing of the size of the images to upload. I must do it in a different program to the one I'm using. But I'll get the specs to this shot, they're just not on this PC (my work one)...thanks