An interesting character from my town. He is in his seventies and last weekend he did a three day hike, camping out, walking 15 miles across the hills and moors.

PS I love my 1.4 50mm lens. This was shot at 1.8

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Wed Apr 20, '11 03:51PM
Uploaded By: Ruud van Ruitenbeek  


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Media ID 2011042020511631  
Date Wed Apr 20, '11 03:51PM
Comments 7
Views 1108
Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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I can see why you love the lens, Ruud. As for me I love the shot!

You have the eyes in perfect focus which is a must for head shots, so that's a win. But of course it is the bokeh that rules this type of image, and I'm really impressed with that. Which specific lens is this?

If it were mine I would vignette this shot heavily (but subtly of course!) above the hatline and below the handline. And it's a tiny nitpick but the ring on the subject's hand, being so out of focus anyway, is a distraction rather than a feature. So maybe he should remove it if you try this shot again.

Great work, Ruud - happy hunting with that optical gun you have there!


I can't really add much to what Patrick has already said Ruud - this is a fantastic photograph that really conveys something of the character of the man.


Nicely done mate!

 Great shot Ruud - I like it a lot.  The character in the face really shines through.  I particularly like the black and white treatment.  I'm not so bothered about the ring on the hand being out of focus.  For me, it doesn't detract - all my attention goes to the eyes and forehead of the subject.  Vignette?  Well, maybe a little.  The lens is obviously amazing but it's the photographer that makes the image.  

Thanks guys. The lens is the Canon EF 50mm 1.4 Cannot afford the 1.2, let alone the 1.0, but this does me nicely.

This is in fact one of a series of portraits with the subject holding their hand(s) in front of their face. I am fascinatd by people's reluctance to be photographed, to show all of themselves. That is just one of the reasons why we hold our hands in front of our faces. Amazement, shock, fear, laughter, are some of the others. Later this year I will publish a book with more of these kinds of shots.

I concur on this being a great image, though the ring does bother me a bit. It's interesting you made such a compelling image in such contrasty light. Well done.

I need a bit more DOF.  With the hand and ears so out of focus it goes too far for me. I do like the subject and expression.

Great portrait of this amusing/colourfull person.

I personally use the 1.8 being a lot lighter and also very very sharp

and a lot lighter on my pocket.

The OOF hand in the front I would personally make it slightly darker as not to attract so much attention!!!!!

Would like to see more of this person