Punta Arenas, Chile
Punta Arenas calls itself the world's southernmost city, which is true by some definitions. It is really just a small town - barely more than a large village in first world terms - and as such it has legitimate competition for the title it claims. But it's a charming place within a spectacular region, and this is the best view of it that I caught in my short time there. Any critiques would be most welcome.

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Sun Jul 18, '10 05:32PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110420151755777  
Date Sun Jul 18, '10 05:32PM
Comments 3
Views 1637
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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What a great view. I really like the clouds and the middle part of the image. It seems that the lower left quarter is a bit bright and competes with the eye-flow to the horizon. Any way to mute that area a bit?

Edited on Friday, April 22 2011 @ 01:53 PM EDT by bobmiller

Hmm, interesting idea Bob - thanks, I will try that!

I do know what you mean about the interrupted flow of the eye to the horizon here, but I had been pinning that on the absence of a passing car's tail light trail on the street in the lower right. I have always thought if I had only gotten that, then the lower left would be balanced out perfectly by the lower right, and the eye would be drawn to the sky by the light trails exactly as you suggest. So I do believe that would have been a more elegant solution, but absent the possibility of that (which thanks to PS I haven't ruled out!) your approach really might be optimal. I appreciate it!

I dont know --I like it as is,

this shot gives a feeling of a coo/cold evening because of the clouds and blue tint.

And the lines of the clouds and road that bring me in from 2 sides is great