Massive Moai's at Ahu Tongariki in Easter Island
The largest ahu or group of moai's that exist in Easter Island is called Tongariki.

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Thu Dec 28, '06 04:50PM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20110419214041719  
Date Thu Dec 28, '06 04:50PM
Comments 6
Views 1634
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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I love this Richard, those are some seriously LARGE statues!

Great shot Richard! Love how your "scale" has taken a pose very similar to the statues.

Not only do I get a sense of scale, but I get a great sense of tension like a face-off between the human and the statues. Their placement facing each other works perfectly.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

WOW! I also like the confrontation element in the image. In size, but also in age, in culture, etc. not sure if I'll evere get there, but Easter Island is on the list...

Edited on Saturday, April 23 2011 @ 11:19 AM EDT by rvanr

 Great sense of scale - this image fits the brief exactly! 

I wonder what he's thinking?????