Nice way to wake up in the morning - Moonset Over Singapore
I woke up this morning and grabbed the camera to take this 3 image panorama of the moon setting over Singapore. A rare site to see the full moon and few clouds to interfere.

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Mon Apr 18, '11 05:57PM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20110419210206137  
Date Mon Apr 18, '11 05:57PM
Comments 6
Views 1750
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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Great picture. Looks a little tilted to the right. Counter clockwise rotation to straighten it up would make it tops.

I take it this was shot from your apartment like the "5 Minutes" photo you posted in the Weekly Challenge. That is quite a view you have there! Great photo.

Thanks and yes from my apartment.  I moved here one year ago for roughly a 2 year stint and found this place.  It has been amazing how the skyline has changed since this past year as when I arrived, the Sands Hotel on the left was still being put up with a thousand cranes all around.   It is supposed to simulate the look of a ship on a crest of a wave.  It is an amazing place.  The ferris wheel is considered the largest in the world and many of the dark buildings between the Sands and the ferris wheel are all new too in the past year.  Amazing development here with lots of money.  I wish now I had started taking a picture every day and run through them to see the differences.  Bad news is that it is rare I get a clear view as weather, haze, smoke and other things distract.   I am still waiting for the ultimate image of getting a lightning storm over downtown and capturing that...someday before I leave hopefully!   Thanks again.

What a great view. Have to agree about the slight rotation and may also need free transform>skew. I'd also do a little bit of local sharpening and burn/dodge for a tad more contrast on the buildings.

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Excellent shot! I agree with Bob's comments. Am going to Singapore soon to get my lenses cleaned (can't do it here in Sri Lanka). Hope I get a chance to see a view like this! Always frustrating in Singapore because I have no camera as they, too, are being cleaned. Hahaha!

Sri Lanka/Northern California

not often one sees a great city scape like this; apart from the slight rotation and I agree with Bob about a tad more contrast on the buildings, stunning...