The Shipyard
Burmeister & Wain shipyard 1989. On assignment, working with my Mamiya RB67 Pro

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Sun Apr 17, '11 04:41PM
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Media ID 20110417164124893  
Date Sun Apr 17, '11 04:41PM
Comments 5
Views 1069
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Now that is an entirely fantastic photograph Max - loving it!  Great subject, especially in black and white.

I agree where I think the monochrome look adds value to the image. Would not be as dramatic in color. I guess this would not fit in my tub! The only thing I would be interested in is to bring out the person more in the image with a little brightening or highlighting and/or bring down the background light a little. I would hang this on my wall anyway as is.

Edited on Wednesday, April 20 2011 @ 12:24 AM EDT by rpschoettger

My thoughts echo Rob's and Richard's, particularly the advice to somehow make the person more prominent, as that is the critical reference point for the scale of the ship under construction.

I had to Google "Burmeister & Wain shipyard" to learn that this is in Copenhagen. Wow! This is unique access you were granted here...

This image was taken on an Agfapan 120 BW negative film, long before the digital camera, and Photoshop. Developed in my now closed BW darkroom. This is an Imacon scan of the 6x7mm negative. Therefore I feed that I must stay loyal to my work by not altering the shading of the image. I did clean it for dust. And gave it a minimum of sepia tone. We tend to forget how easy it is to photograph today.

Used that camera for many years WHAT MEMORIES.

I like this shot it has the old days look to it Smile