Holding Court
A bronze sculpture of Columbus in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. To me it appears as though Columbus is begging the giant pigeon for mercy on behalf of the entire royal court - after a reign of obvious terror has already begun.

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Sun May 20, '07 11:27AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110415205116703  
Date Sun May 20, '07 11:27AM
Comments 3
Views 1113
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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The thumbnail doesn't do this photo justice Patrick!  It's fantastic when you open it up, made me smile!



 This is hilarious, Patrick! Great catch! I might add a tad more black in Levels to get some contrast. Excellent shot! I'd pay that pigeon if I were you.

Sri Lanka/Northern California

furthermore, given the remarkable look of disinterest in the pigeons eye, it would appear as though this tyrannical rain, sorry reign, will continue....

I agree with a tad more contrast, and as Rob said, the thumbnail does it no justice..