Inside The Foghorn Dome
The rusty remains of the foghorn. HDR'ed from 5 images with f/9 and shutter speeds between 0.6 and 10 seconds.

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Sun Apr 10, '11 09:52AM
Uploaded By: Ruud van Ruitenbeek  


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Media ID 20110411043238238  
Date Sun Apr 10, '11 09:52AM
Comments 5
Views 1316
Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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It must have been really dark in there. Good job bringing out the multicolor patina.

Wonderful colours and textures!


 A scene made for HDR! Expert work, wonderful colors and textures!

Great job with the HDR, I like images (like this one) that don't have the "cartoon" look of HDR.

 Love this, Ruud! Such interesting beauty.

Sri Lanka/Northern California