El Condor , Rio Negro. Patagonia Argentina.
Oldest lighthouse in Patagonia.

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Fri Jan 01, '10 10:24PM
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Media ID 20110409194514109  
Date Fri Jan 01, '10 10:24PM
Comments 3
Views 1337
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I really like the color here. Wish it had more detail. I might crop a bit off the bottom- feels like a little too much lead-in.

 Thanks Bob! I think you are right about cropping. But, as I wanted the lighthouse and the fisher men at the extreme (right/left) to be in the scene, if I cropp the bottom, I would have a different aspect ratio image, and I ussually prefer to keep the 2:3 ratio. But, I could change my preferences ;-) Regards!




 Super color here, Bernardo! I like composition - if it's cropped (sorry, Bob), it loses something for me.

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