Lindale Falls
A quick one from today - I was enroute to a job in Lindale and spotted this wee waterfall. I must have driven past it dozens of times without registering it's existance, but once I spotted it I had to go back for a quick photograph.

The wind was blowing pretty hard, but I rather liked the movement it gave to the trees and foreground plants - especially with a 6 second exposure!

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Thu Mar 31, '11 09:46AM
Uploaded By: Rob Sutherland  


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Media ID 20110331091348177  
Date Thu Mar 31, '11 09:46AM
Comments 3
Views 1696
Uploaded By Rob Sutherland
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Nice composition and good exposure.  I like the blurred foreground, but the fence or railing above the falls is distracting.

Hey Rob, thanks for posting this. Nice shot - so much so that honestly I can't even imagine driving along blithely all that time and never seeing this! 

In all fairness, I can certainly imagine having a better driving record than my current dossier.

This elegant and almost casual image reaches out to me as a push to go just photograph! It's terrific proof that travel photography is available in every location.

Nice one! There are soo many waterfalls in Scotland! Small, big, fast, slow, intimate, impressive and other varieties. I will see a few during my stay in applecross in 5 weeks time, can't wait.


I agree with Patrick about the fence. Cropping just below and cropping a bit off the bottom and sides might work nicely, keeping the 3:2 ration.

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