Portrait of Robert
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Sat Sep 11, '10 12:36PM
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Media ID 20110330055157397  
Date Sat Sep 11, '10 12:36PM
Comments 2
Views 3407
Keywords Louvre,Portrait,Black and white, laughing
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This has the potential for being a great travel portrait. My problem is that the face blends too much into the background. There is no separation of the person from the setting via color, tone, lighting or placement in the frame so the person gets lost in the background. A lower vantage point that places the person's head up in the sky above the background would better set it off from the scene. I also think you could lighten and add more contrast to make the image stronger.

I do like the expression and the movement and energy in the background.

Thank you very much for your feedback on both of my photos.  These were my first posts and I appreciate your suggestions.  I have a lot to learn and it is great that there is a forum such as this.