Tourist in the Early Morning at the Louvre
The sun was perfect this early morning before the crowds arrived at the louvre.
Photo by Debra Rich

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Wed Aug 18, '10 07:28AM
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Media ID 20110330054700265  
Date Wed Aug 18, '10 07:28AM
Comments 1
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Keywords Louvre, tourist, sunrisr
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I don't know if this was your intention but the fountain comes right out of the man's head. Normally that isn't the most flattering arrangement of elements. Also the man is centered right in the middle. I would consider taking a step or two to the right. That would place the man in the lower left, and separate the fountain from the man reading. You could also point the camera a little more upwards. That would place the man a little lower in the frame and provide more of the building in the museum building. As it is frame now you chop off the top of the spouting water in the fountain. And one final note is that the image looks tilted to the right. A little counter clockwise rotation might also be in order to properly orient the vertical lines and water spout.

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