The Golden Staircase
Just a little ways from home. Thanks for reminding me that I have an ocean in my backyard. :)

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Tue Mar 29, '11 01:46AM
Uploaded By: Sarah Clarehart  


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Media ID 20110329014639446  
Date Tue Mar 29, '11 01:46AM
Comments 3
Views 1215
Uploaded By Sarah Clarehart
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This is incredible Sarah. The staircase leading into the scene is perfect! You guys on the west coast get the best sunsets.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Spectacular! Good lines, great light, glorious scene. Really well done!

Stunning Sarah! 

That was the purpose of this challenge really - I think we often forget our immediate surroundings and go off looking for photographs elsewhere.  It's quite nice to play at Travel Photography in your own back yard ;-)