This was taken during NostalsSki an event in Zell am See (Austria) when members of local ski clubs dress up in old costumes and use authentic 50 to 100 year old equipment to ski down the slopes.

160mm, f5.6, 1/250

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Sat Feb 25, '06 07:50AM
Uploaded By: Ruud van Ruitenbeek  


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Media ID 20110328083042271  
Date Sat Feb 25, '06 07:50AM
Comments 2
Views 1244
Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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That's a great photo Ruud - loads of interest in the vintage gear and clothing!

I love the shallow depth of field. I think it might be dropped a little too tight. The top of the skis are lost, and a wider angle would give a better sense of place.