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Ban Yan Hotel Maldives
Motor yacht Mosaique in the Maldives

Image 345 of 354
Comments 1
Views 740
Media ID 2011032716524722 
Sun Mar 27, '11 04:52PM
Uploaded By: Mark O'Connell  


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Media ID 2011032716524722  
Date Sun Mar 27, '11 04:52PM
Comments 1
Views 740
Uploaded By Mark O'Connell
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Patrick Flynn

Sunday, March 27 2011 @ 07:45 PM EDT

To me the Maldives is the single most exotic tropical destination on the planet, and the one I lust after most. I'll get there someday, and until then I just love looking at photographs from there. I've never seen this take before and I do enjoy the unique framing you selected. This is quite a capture.