Snowy Ducks
a lucky symmetrical capture

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Mon Mar 21, '11 05:39PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 2011032221443824  
Date Mon Mar 21, '11 05:39PM
Comments 3
Views 1137
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Being there at the right time! I like symmetry and this is a great example. The brown/orange colours of the feathers seem a bit muted, try cranking up the saturation a little?

Ruud - yes you are correct, that solution solves problems. But I vastly underexposed the original, which was film, of which this is a scan. So I'm way up against it here, and the dynamic range that you typically expect is not natively available here.

Nice shot! Poor things look cold!

"It's not the's the journey!"