Native Dancer
Last August my wife and I spent a week in Cancun, Mexico. During our stay we took a day trip to visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. Part of our tour included lunch in one of the large palapas at the Mayaland hotel. This young lady was part of our lunch entertainment. It was amazing to watch her dance while balancing the beer bottle on her head. Other dancers balanced entire trays of drinks on their heads!

Sigma SD14, Sigma 18-250mm OS @ 63mm, ISO 200, f/5, 1/60s, Sigma EF-500 DG Super flash

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Sun Mar 06, '11 05:44PM
Uploaded By: Roger Maki  


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Media ID 20110306174400600  
Date Sun Mar 06, '11 05:44PM
Comments 2
Views 3214
Uploaded By Roger Maki
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Beautiful colors and expression, Roger. I'm glad you mentioned the beer bottle because I didn't even notice it until I read your comment. My only nit is that it was clipped off the top. Were it not for the white label one would not be able to see the bottle at all. Those are the problems we face when shooting with flash in an indoor environment like this.

I second Walters comment. Maybe a little pp can make the bottle stand out more.