Brodgar Sunset (2)
Taken on a different trip to "Brodgar Sunset (1)". It is one of my very favourite places on Earth!

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Sun Mar 06, '11 12:02PM
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Media ID 201103061202264  
Date Sun Mar 06, '11 12:02PM
Comments 2
Views 1338
Uploaded By Rob Sutherland
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I can see why its your favorite place on earth!! Awesome Shot!! On my wish list to see!!

Yes, Orkney (and the Outer Hebrides) are on my list too. A friend promised to organise a trip to St. Kilda, but has not manged it so far.



I can see why this is one of your favourite places. I like the atmosphere created by the coloured sky. Did you use a gradusted ND filter, or add one in Lightroom? Unless I am misstaken the edge is visible on the standing stone in the foreground. A bit of work with Shadows/Highlights would correct it.

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