Navajo Photography Permits - Lessons Learned

© Joe Becker
© Joe Becker
I recently did a series of posts on the American Southwest for my blog. I finished the series with my story of obtaining photography permits from the Navajo Nation. Sometime in the past, I'm not exactly sure when or how, I learned that photo permits are required for commercial photography in Navajo Parks. So when I started planning for a trip to the Southwest that was to include visits to three Navajo parks: Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, and Antelope Canyon, I started an internet search to determine if a permit was truly needed, and if so, what was the cost. My whole experience turned out to be an adventure in bureaucracy.

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A Sense of Place

Text and Photography Copyright © Michael Busselle - All rights reserved.

One of the potential disappointments of modern travel is that sometimes a new town or country simply does not seem different enough from the places we're familiar with. I remember many years ago travelling, with a great sense of anticipation, to Honolulu. It was my first long-haul flight and what, I imagined rather naively, would be my first experience of an "exotic" island. I was bitterly disappointed, my initial sight of Waikiki reminded me mainly of Benidorm with an inferior beach and much less evidence of an indigenous culture.

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