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Traveling Light

© Hank Pennington
© Hank Pennington
My first venture into lighter camera gear turned into a full-fledged adventure.

I wanted to test a digital pocket camera, so I left behind my array of DSLR bodies, lenses, filters and tripod and set off into the desert on foot. No falling back on the bigger gear for special images, and no excuses. If the little camera didn’t measure up, so be it.

The adventure came later.

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25 Travel Photo Tips

Have you ever returned from your vacation, started going through your pictures, and wished you could do some of them over? Have you looked at some of them and questioned what you were thinking? Would you like to bring home better pictures from your vacation?

This list of tips is derived from viewing and critiquing tens of thousands of photographs over many years. I have critiqued my own vacation photographs. I am a professional photographer, a moderator in many internet photography groups, and I am the editor at the Travel Photographers Network. Over the years, I have developed a keen eye for what makes a good photograph and what makes a great photograph.

These tips come from a culmination of my experience and are sure to help you compose and take better pictures that will make your vacation memories even more special.

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