A Gentle Man and His Habitat

© Lucy Llewellyn-Byard
© Lucy Llewellyn-Byard
Text and photographs by Lucy Llewellyn Byard. Additional photographs by Lipton Jayawickrama. All rights reserved.

Writer and photographer Lucy Llewellyn Byard turned a three-day trip to central Sri Lanka into a paying photo/editorial assignment.

Diyabubula – it sounds like a child's made-up word, but it's the name of Laki Senanayake's jungle forest home and means a bubbling 'water spring' - an onomatopoeic word that sounds like what it describes. I had been invited to Diyabubula a dozen or more times by it’s owner, Sri Lanka’s premier artist, Laki Senanayake, and finally made my way there. I had heard many stories about Diyabubula, and had seen photos, but nothing matched the magic of ‘being’ there.

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