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 A person has an interest in Photography & he wants to make it his passion. He decides to make his career in photography. He prepares himself for becoming a professional photographer. He reads all the articals related to photography, its huge field, its applications and all that. He enrolls himself for a Diploma course in Professional Photography. He completes his course successfully. But when he enters in the market to search a job, he gets surprised. Because everyone in the market wants experienced photographer, nobody wants any fresher ones. He gets so confused whether he should wait or change his field. 

If no one gives freshers an opportunity to prove themselves and show their creativity than how the innovations and creations will born.

Guys suggest your ideas. What should be done in this case to motivate him or How he should try to get a right job in the field of photography?

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I think most full-time travel photographers are freelance photographers. And I think to get a start in that field you have to assign yourself some projects, write the text and shoot/edit the pictures, and present the entire package to multiple publications where you think the article would be of interest to their readers. Ask the editors for honest, constructive feedback on what you have submitted. If they won't use the work, at least some might offer suggestions for improving your writing and photography and how you package them. At some point, hopefully someone will bite on one of your submissions and you will get published. You will probably have to live like this for a while to get yourself established. Once you have several published pieces then you might start getting assignments from publications. It is a very tough field to break into.

Also consider other markets for your travel photographs. Lots of different industries can use travel photographs

  • travel agencies and resorts
  • airline publications
  • calendar companies
  • any company associated with the travel industry
  • companies who have affiliation with the subjects or areas included of your images (manufacturers, etc)
  • NGOs (non-governmental organizations)
  • humanitarian organizations
  • government ministries that promote travel or sponsor other causes in the regions you photograph

I'm sure there are even more than I have listed here. Most of these won't necessarily pay you to take the photographs. They will look at a portfolio of images you show them and determine if they want to license any for their use.

Walter Rowe, Editor
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 Hi Mr. Rowe.

Thanks for your valuable advise and suggestions. I am sure it'll will definitely work. Thank you so much once again.

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You may want to check out the book Visionmongers: Making a Life and Living in Photography  by David DuChemin; I've found the book very helpful in terms of how to get going as a travel photographer.

Also, the Photoshelter blog has a post that just came out today on getting started in travel photography. Here'd the web address: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2012/07/answering-the-unknowns-of-how-to-break-into-travel-photography/

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