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 Does anyone have an idea where I might find a shop to clean and adjust my scanner.  Nikon no longer supports it in any way.  I couldn't even get them to clean and adjust.  So any one in the US that works on scanners would be a help.  I know somebody had to do it.  There are just to many of these things out there.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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Are you in a metro area? A good camera store could point you in the right direction. I'd make a few phone calls. Wish I could help. Sad


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This will be a tough thing to get serviced. Nikon pulled all their "authorized service center" certificates. Bob's advice is good. If you are a member of any photo trade organizations like ASMP, PPA, NANPA, or Editorial Photographers, you might ask in their forums too. I have a Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 but have never considered cleaning it. Maybe I should Mr. Green

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 Thanks Bob and Walter,

  I am close to San Francisco and have been in touch with the main Photo house in there.  Their repair guy has been trying to find someone, but so far I haven't heard anything.  I may try Calumet and see.  Good suggestion about prof. groups.  I have been a member of most but I have preety much retired and dropped memberships.  I still have friends in ASMP and NPPA so I will get them to post on those boards.  Bob if I find someone, I will post here and let you know.  The only indication I had about a need to have it cleaned was a bit of glare in some highlights.  You might want to watch for something subtle like that.

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