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Hi everyone,

I just joined TPN, and it's nice to see this forum area to introduce myself.

I am an amateur photographer based in Brittany (France). I have lived abroad and I have traveled in Asia twice some years ago, gathering loads of photos from many countries. These days, I stick more to Europe (in particular Brittany and Catalonia).

Occasionally, I find time to paint some of my pictures using acrylics. Nothing professional, just fun and still learning.

Having some HTML, PHP and CSS knowledge, I have created my own website for sharing my photos, my travels, and my paintings. You're welcome to visit. 

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Hi Denis,

Welcome to TPN! It's always exciting to see new members join. I hope you contribute to our community. I took a quick look at your website - you have a lot of good photos there. I mainly looked at your Spain galleries as I will be making a trip there this fall (mostly to Andalusia, Madrid, and Toledo). Keep up the good work.



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Hi Denis,

Welcome to TPN. Thanks for posting an "Introduce Yourself" photo too. Always great to put a face to the name.


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