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After many years working as a corporate executive I retired in 2005, bought a sailboat in The Netherlands and since then my wife and I have sailed the North Sea, to the Med, across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific.

I have taken thousands of pictures during this time, but it's only in the last year that I have really become interested in photography and taking better photos.  Last year I bought a D7000 and I'm having so much fun with it!

Last year we spent a few months on remote islands in Vanuatu and I love taking pictures of people and their culture.  So, we are heading back there again this year.

I'm reading all I can about travel photography and hope to learn from others on this site.

James Thomsen


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Welcome to TPN! Your sailing adventures in retirement sound exciting and wonderful. I think the D7000 is an excellent, light weight traveling camera. It provides excellent image quality in a light package, and provides all the flexibility of an SLR.

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