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 Hi Folks,


    My name is Tony Davis.  I'm currently living in the Charlottesville, VA area.  Prior to that I was in the San Francisco Bay area and most days I wonder of this move was a moment of insanity.  I hoped for a place a bit larger than the 800-square foot apartment I was crammed into and also wanted a piece of land.  Well...sometimes you get what you ask for.  I have a home that I now think is too big and the acre of property keeps me busy with trees, grass cutting and such.  As for Charlottesville, I kept seeing that this place was voted as one of the best places to live.  I didn't know that they only asked people who live here, and in the folks' mind around here -- they cannot possibly be wrong about anything.  Sad


  All that aside, I once had a very busy commercial photography business in the New Orleans area in the 1980's.  I worked with many of the country music greats like Barbara Mandrell, Jerry Reed, ConwayTwitty and others.  The commercial business was going well and then I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler.  That led to about 18-months of physical rehab, the business went away and once I was well, I rejoined the military and joined the Coast Guard (I was Navy rescue aircrew prior to the photo business).  For some reason I thought the Coast Guard didn't go anywhere.  I spent nine years at sea (many winters in the Bering Sea) including time at the Valdez Oil Spill, the Haitian Exodus and I was the guy that took the radio call for TWA-800 as I stood the Combat information Center watch Officer that night.  I eventually went into the intel and law enforcement business, then retired from the Coast Guard.  During this time, I didn't pick up a camera.  It was like the accident with the truck turned off a switch.  About nine years ago, I felt it was time and I got my first digital camera. A few years later I was back in the business.  


Also, a few years ago, I wrote the bestselling book, "Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System".  My profits go to the Fisher House for help our veterans.  Additionally, right after 9/11 I began publishing an open source report to about 50 local law enforcement readers with info to keep our folks safe.  Today, I'm still doiing it on my own time and dime...only now, it's read worldwide as a free resource.


My photo work is on my website at: http://www.anthonymdavis.com


Rather than deal with the craziness of commercial / industrial / advertising photo assignments (like many years back), I'm doing some fine art work and travel assignments from time to time along with editorial work.  Other than that...that's it.



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