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We have more thorough pages on TPN Post Guidelines and TPN User Guide, but thought a succint post here on image dimensions and file size might be helpful.

  • Image Dimensions: Maximum of 1500 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall. Best viewing quality is a minimum of 900 pixels wide x 600 tall for the front page slide show.
  • Image File Size: Maximum image file size is no more than 500 kilobytes.
  • Image Compression: Save at the least amount of compression that stays within the 500 kilobytes file size. I use quality 10 out of 12 in JPG format in Lightroom or Photoshop or Aperture.

If you follow these guidelines, your images will be presented at their best on TPN. And remember the following:

  • Thumbnail Size: Album pages are presented in 180x180 pixel thumbnails.
  • Display Size: Click a thumbnail to view a larger 900x600 pixel view of the image.
  • Original Size: Click the 900x600 image to view up to 1500x1000 pixel view of the image.

Some images only look best when viewed at their maximum size. TPN prides itself on quality imagery. Let your work stand out. Upload at least 900x600 pixel files.

Walter Rowe, Editor
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