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I got some studio lights, softboxes, posing stool and table, backdrop support and backdrop canvas. Bought my wife some very lovely pearl earrings.

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Photographically?? I got zippy. Literally nothing to do with photography under my tree this year.

The lone highlight was a single malt scotch. Meh - I already have a bottle of that one (Balvenie Doublewood).

But nonetheless it was the best Christmas ever, watching my four year old daughter in what certainly will be the historical height of her Christmas excitement. I was not quite prepared for the unbridled glee that the Mystery of Santa would unleash from her. I did my best to capture a little video of it and will be watching that for the rest of my life.

Plus it was pretty cool seeing my son (7 months) opening a few wrapped presents, clearly only interested in the wrapping paper! Good times...

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Santa pulled a bit of a cheeky stunt! He told us that the upper limit for presents this year was £50. So on my list was "The Düsseldorf School of Photography" an excellent book and I was really pleased with it. You can imagine my surprise when another book sized package appeared from under the tree with my name on it. My surprise got even greater during the unwrapping, when I spotted a grey logo on the box, shaped like an apple with a bite taken out. Indeed, it was an iPad and for the rest of the evening I had to be reminded a few times that there were friends and family in the room, who are much more interesting than a small shiny tablet on which things appear and disappear in response to touching it. The other photography present was a coffe mug in the shape of a lens (there is an urban myth that these are regularly sold on eBay, for hundreds of pounds, to people who bid for them in the mistaken belief that they are getting a proper, high quality lens.)

Of course I also got the obligatory presents: socks, underwear, a cardigan from my mother.


All in all an excellent Christmas, mainly because of the excellent company!

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like Patrick, I got absolutely zilch photography wise this year...... my girlfriend is in Thailand with her daughter, most of my family are in the UK, and it was just my daughter and I.....

and on top of it, I had to work Christmas day.... so only could enjoy a good bottle of red wine today...

however, I do have some book vouchers, so I may yet get something on photography..... and of course,in my life, music is very important, so those music vouchers are most welcome....

I hope all other members had an awesome and peaceful time...

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Nothing to do with photography at all!   There were  a couple of t-shirts and a jacket under the tree for me... a few cook books seem to have appeared too.  There were also 2 boxes of 4 Wychwood Ales (yum) and a 12 year old Highland Park (love my whisky, if anyone is in these parts they are welcome to come and sample some of my rather large collection!)


Oh... and some news that may have just derailed all of next years plans!

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Wonderful gifts you all got! I'm jealous of Rudd's iPad and Patrick's delight at watching the baby play with the wrapping.. I rememeber those days fondly.

I'm also very currious about Rob's news.. since he mentioned it. Care to share?




PS. I'm moving to Northern California in less than a month! I'm looking forward to finally having some room to stretch my legs... and trees and mountains to shoot. I hope to be much more involved at TPN this coming year. Let's make that a new year's resolution!

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 SARAH Good luck

and you are being missed here.

Have a wonderfull healthy and plenty of work and pleasure year


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