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A bit of shameless self promotion:

I have just finished producing my first Folio of 10 prints in a limited edition of 10 copies. I watched the first part of the on-line workshop on how to produce a small folio of prints on the Lenswork web site a couple of months ago and thought "What a great idea, I'll do that!" Over 4 hours of on-line video, several visits to the artist materials shop, some searching on the web, a period of experimentation to find the right layout, lots of calculations of millimeters, some difficult choices, and a few expressions of frustration by use of colourful language later and I have created my first Folio. It is called 'The Meaning Of Trees' and I am very pleased with the result.

You can have a look at the images I chose in my album on this site.

Get in touch if you want to to put this in someone's stocking.

Ruud van Ruitenbeek

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Very nice Ruud. The black and white conversions look really good. Good luck on sales!

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I second Bob's comment. This looks like a really nice product. How much time would you guess you've spent in researching, testing and producing these? Do you feel you are asking an amount that fairly compensates you? Given you have done this once, do you feel a second time would go much faster? Would that change your pricing? How will you advertise?

Keep us posted on sales.

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It looks like you spent a lot of time researching and delivering this product...with excellent results.  The images are really wonderful and offer a very stark and effective set of images.   As I mentioned before, your talent to capture pure and basic settings is really effective in bringing these things into light.   Very impressive and would love to hear more about this from what Walter asked too.   Glad you are a member of the TPN!  

Richard Schoettger

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