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This weeks picks!

Travel and Outdoor

Above the Bend © Bob Miller
Above the Bend © Bob Miller

I picked this one as it jumped out the screen to grab my attention straight from the thumbnail, and the full size version didn't dissapoint either.  The lack of sky helps to hold the whole photograph together and gives a real sense of place.    Add great warm tones and it really is a winner.

I think this catagory was a stich up for Bob this week as he posted far too many fantastic photographs that no one else really stood much of a chance ;-)

Nice work! 

People and Portrait

Andy Arguing © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Andy Arguing © Ruud van Ruitenbeek

Whilst there were slim pickings this week, this photograph is absolutely superb and would have won through anyway!  I love the mono conversion, the shallow depth of field and the animated expression frozen in time.  It really is quality work. 

Nature and Wildlife

In the Slot © Bob Miller
In the Slot © Bob Miller

I had a long battle about awarding the pick to this one as I couldn't decide if it really belonged in this catagory or not.  In the end I rationalised it on the grounds the canyon is a result of a force of nature and a rather magnificent example of the erosive powers of water... so it stood!

And it is another stunning shot.

Though I definately think Bob is cheating by putting so many good shots into so many catagories this week!

Weekly Challenge - Golden

Purrrfect Gold © Richard P Shoettger
Purrrfect Gold © Richard P Shoettger

There really is no arguing with this one, what a fantastic shot!  And a great story too.  I am envious of Richard on both counts for this one, it really is one of the finest big cat photographs I have seen in a very long time.

This is, in fact, my photo of the year so far too, and I don't see it being topped.  So massive kudos to Richard!


Congratulations all!  

I will be off on my travels for a few weeks now but will try to keep an eye on the site whilst I am away when I can.  Hopefully I may get some decent photographs along the way too!  See you all on the other side :-)

Rob Sutherland
Alpinist Photography
Cumbria, United Kingdom

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 Great choices and photographs.  Congratulations to all the winners.  Looking forward to seeing the photos from your trips.

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Hey thanks Rob for the really nice comments.  A wonderful surprise as I just got back late last night from combing the mountains of the Sichuan Province in China.    I hope you time in Australia goes well too.    Also..the other images are really excellent and I would certainly hang any of them on the wall.   Congrats to Bob and Ruud as always fantastic to see your work.

Richard Schoettger

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Congratulations to Ruud, Richard and Bob! Great photographs this week.

Joe Becker
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Terrific choices, Rob. Happy travels til your return!

btw re: the slot canyon pick, I feel that ALL earthly landscapes depict nature. A canyon is as much a representation of nature as a leopard or a tornado or a stalagmite, or shadows across a waterfall.

You could make a case for Travel and Outdoor for this...but you can't deny the Nature here. Plus - by any classification this image is a winner - it just defines whichever category it appears in.

True that the web has a million of these already...but this one falls into the half a million of them that rock!

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