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To my surprise I double clicked on one of the photographs that was posted and the photo was enlarged and I WAS ABLE TO SEE IT A LOT BETTER.Surprised


Walter maybe you can put up the image sizes that one can post so that the others when double clicking will get a bigger photo.

I never knew this exsisted in TPN.

Does anyone else know or come across this before


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You will be happy to know that EVERY photo can do that and it only takes a SINGLE click.

The "normal" display size for photos is 900 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall. You can upload up to 1500 x 1000 pixels (with a 500KB limit on actual file size).

Clicking a thumbnail displays a "normal" size picture. Click the "normal" size picture to see the largest uploaded size. If it doesn't show larger version, the user only uploaded the "normal" size.

Where you will more likely see a larger version is in portrait oriented images. The display size is only 600 pixels tall but the member may have uploaded a taller picture. Single-click the display size and see the larger version (up to 1000 pixels tall).

To reiterate picture size limits (as explained on the "Site How-To's" page), picture upload limits are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 1500 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall
  • Image File Size: 500 kilobytes file size

And the following navigation tips:

  • Thumb => Display - Click the thumbnail to see the "display" version
  • Display => Original - Click the "display" version to see the largest uploaded version

NOTE!!! Only logged in users can see the largest "original" version.

Some of the best examples are images by Richard or Patrick. They always provide larger versions of their images. I personally only upload 900x600 pixel images.

Hope this helps!



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You learn everyday wonderfull I will now post larger versions



BTW when will we get emails when there is a comment

This is a serious item and will lift the site way up when it happens  Wink Wink

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