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Well, it's my first time picking the photographs of the week... so be gentle with me!

Travel & Outdoor

Styling in Luang Prabang, Laos - © Richard P Schoettger
Styling in Luang Prabang, Laos - © Richard P Schoettger

I really liked this one by Richard P Schoettger - it is full of interest. It took me a while to decide that I liked the colour element in the frame, but in the end I decided it was a stronger image because of it mainly as it draws attention to the continuous repetition in the mirror. 

People & Portrait

Dark-haired Beauty - © Lucy Llewellyn Byard
Dark-haired Beauty - © Lucy Llewellyn Byard

Lucy Llewellyn Byard's "Dark-haired Beauty" was, I thought, a fantastic photograph. I like the overall effect of the high contrast treatment and felt that it enhanced the subject matter well.

Nature & Wildlife

Osprey with Dish - © Avi Hirschfield
Osprey with Dish - © Avi Hirschfield

I am going to have to give this one to Avi Hirschfield! I have been really enjoying his avian photographs of late!

Weekly Challenge - Shooting Mono

Sydney Opera House - © Richard P Schoettger
Sydney Opera House - © Richard P Schoettger

This photograph really just works for me on so many levels. It is a superb mono conversion, a superb architectural photograph and artistically just hangs together perfectly. Superb work by Richard P Schoettger (again!).

I am also going to give a special mention to  Rahul Dulta for his photograph "Sheep" as I was really rather taken by that photograph - it was a difficult choice as to which one I should pick between his and Richards.  In the end the Opera House won through, but I had to highlight this "runner up"

Sheep - © Rahul Dulta
Sheep - © Rahul Dulta

The Weekly Challenge was actually very strong this week throughout... you guys do know how to make life difficult don't you!


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Well done Rob! Congrats to all!

Walter Rowe, Editor
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 Hi there, just rejoined TPN and have uploaded a couple of images to my Library, all courtesy of Lonely Planet Images and Alex Foley from Ireland. All travel shots of fun places to see. I am still working on how to delete duplicate images, so if anyone knows please let me know! thanks. On general travel talk and images, I have just launched in partnership with Lonelyplanet Images www.lonelyplanet.imagesandprints.com. It is meant to be a Tracel Image blog site, touching on various travel and world themes and colouring the discussion with wonderful and inspirational images from the Lonely Planet photographers. Come sometime and have a look and tell us what you think of our travel image blogs and what other topics you think we should cover etc.

I just uploaded this blog yesterday on Cadel Evans' wonderful Tour de France win. It shows a flavour of Paris and the cyclists from the Tour de France. What a great day for the oldest winner in 88 years! He looked so happy and proud under the Arc de Triumph yesterday with Tina Arena singing the Australian National Anthem.

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Rob Have a good beer after that hard work,

Yes it is getting great out there now with all the competition and the new and returning names.

Congratulations to all on your picks


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What a stunning selection of Creativity on a Travelers forum. One after the other image kept me asking for coming back and back again. Congratulations to All Participants - from the artists to the Selector! Cheers!ClappingClappingClappingClappingClapping

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I certainly don't envy the moderators when it comes down to their choices, great selection of some great shots, well done all...

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Well Rob...Thanks a ton for the honor, especially with the Mono work.  I thought that was an extremely difficult group of images and there were so many high on my list.   Must be very difficult.  I also believe you need to keep your works out of the weeks you are moderating as what you have submitted is outstanding.  You bring a lot to the site and really look forward to seeing more of your images in the future.

Congrats to Avi and Lucy too....cream of the crop and I am an admirer of your works!    

Richard Schoettger

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