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Excellent submissions this week. Great to see so many different people posting images from so many places around the world. That is what TPN is all about!


Travel & Outdoor

Ta Prohm, Ankor Wat, Cambodia © Richard P Schoettger
Ta Prohm, Ankor Wat, Cambodia © Richard P Schoettger

Excellent detail, especially in the larger (original) view. You get a real sense of the passage of time with the heavy vines, colored patina of the stone and rubble in the foreground of fallen walls.

People & Portrait

A Friend © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
A Friend © Ruud van Ruitenbeek

The expression on the face is very real and believable. Very genuine. The black and white presentation lets me really focus on the expression, too. Well done!

Nature & Wildlife

Twin Towers © Sarah Clarehart
Twin Towers © Sarah Clarehart

I really like the low perspective and wide angle lens. It really accentuates the tallness. You've done an excellent job holding on to the color in the cactus given the silhouette against the bright sun. The sun serves as a great backlight similar to the the background light one often sees in a studio portrait.

Weekly Challenge - Cities and Towns

Cairo from Cairo Tower © Angela Baschieri
Cairo from Cairo Tower © Angela Baschieri

There were many great images from which to choose. I used the theme details (commercial city hub) to help narrow down my selection. What I love about this image is the energy conveyed by the night scene. It speaks commerce and night life. Well done!

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As you said there are beginning to be a lot more people postingA lot of good photographs

Firstly Congratulations to

Richard P Schoettger

Ruud van Ruitenbeek

Sarah Clarehart

Angela Baschieri.


How about an introductional theme with a self portrait of the photographer and a little about themselves .

We need to get to know each other a little more

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Well done to the winners! A lovely variety of images and meaningful comment, Walter. Well chosen.Clapping

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Well done to all, great shots, great choices..

as Avi has said, we are getting a wonderful array of photos, and time to meet all the photographers...

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Thanks for the pick. Never thought of portrait photography as a strong area for me, maybe I was wrong.

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Excellent picks Walter and there were many in the Weekly Challenges, so I know it was not easy.  Great shooting by Sarah, Angela and Ruud.  I really enjoy seeing all these different faces, places and styles.   And Ruud....your portraits are always extremely captivating.  What IS your strong suit?????? :-)

PS...I scrolled down and saw the other comments and images while I am keying this in...I was not sure if there before, but if not...VERY COOL WALTER!!   


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