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Here is how you attach an image to a forum post and have it appear "inline".

  1. Click the "Post Reply" button to take you to the comment page.
  2. Attach the image(s) you wish include to your post.
  3. Use the following syntax in the body of your comment: [ file lightbox=1 ] N [ /file ] where N denotes which attachment to use (ie 1, 2, 3, etc).
  4. Leave out the spaces. I added them so the site would not process the file tag.

This applies only to forum comments. When a person reads your post, they will see the image(s) displayed inline. If they click the images, the images will pop-up in a lightbox. The inline image may not be displayed at full size depending on the size of the original attachment. The pop-up will display the full-size image.

Here are two examples.

Click to view image

Click to view image

Note how I have added a second attachment that shows up as a link below the body of this post. That is the default for attachments unless you use the inline "file" tag.

Here is a screen shot showing the browser window as I composed this message. Mouse over the image and click it to have it pop up in a lightbox at full size.

Click to view image

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