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Yet again, many very good images which doesn't make it easy to choose, but, hey, I love a challenge!  Here are my selections for the week from 19 to 25 June 2011. 


Travel & Outdoor

Such a peaceful looking scene - calm and still.  I very much like the reflections, the composition is good and the colours are excellent.

Winter Reflections  ©Andrew Brown
Winter Reflections ©Andrew Brown


People & Portrait

What a great expression in the eyes!  So smug - fantastic capture.

They Know Nothing © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
They Know Nothing © Ruud van Ruitenbeek


Nature & Wildlife 

This was a really difficult decision as there were some really superb images here.  But, for me, there were two absolutely stand-out images in this gallery this week but the two images are very different.  If I could give a second place, it would go to Avi Hirschfield for Kingfisher Territorial Fight which is a technically excellent capture and a great image.  However, the winner of this category this week is Orange Baboon by Jesper Vasell.  Apart from being a wonderful composition and a superb capture, it just says one thing to me:  Pathos

Orange Baboon ©Jesper Vasell
Orange Baboon ©Jesper Vasell


Weekly Challenge - The Longest Day

Yet again, some great images.  My choice for the winner of this challenge is A Little 3am Nighcap.  Composition, colours, the whole look and feel of this photo  and that beautiful blue glow is truly superb.  I'm interested that it was taken with a point-and-shoot which just goes to show what I am always telling people that it is the photographer that takes the picture and not the camera.  Love it! 

A Little 3am Nightcap ©Richard P Schoettger
A Little 3am Nightcap ©Richard P Schoettger


Congratulations Andrew, Ruud, Jesper and Richard. Clapping

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oh wow, thanks, I'm honoured... and well done to Ruud, Jesper and Richard, all great shots..

AndrewRHB Photography

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Some really great photos! Congrats to the selected photographers. It's great to see such wonderful work here on TPN.

Joe Becker
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Hearty congrats to Ruud, Jesper and Andrew!  These were awesome images.  I really enjoy seeing the variety of image-makers here and makes the site so much more exciting.  

Richard Schoettger

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I could not agree more with the responses to these selections. The quality of images continues to get higher and higher every week, and it is truly wonderful to see all the new members posting. Well done!

Walter Rowe, Editor
Travel Photographers.net

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Tricia excellent choices and well done to all.

The level is getting so much better with more and more photographers putting up more and more shots,


AVI  Wink-

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