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To All,

I have used a guide in China for several trips since I have moved to Singapore about 15 months ago.  I am organizing another trip to the fantastic Sichuan Province during the fall foliage.  I just received the initial plan and it is for 16 days, but no dates yet other than on October this year.   My guide has been working with the local photographers out of Chengdu to determine the best locations from which to photograph the foliage, dramatic mountains and valleys,  culture and the surrounding area.  I can have up to 10 people join, but would be happy with 6 total.  Prices will be extremely affordable as under $1200 for 16 days!   Hard to beat that.  It will be high altitude in some areas and rustic in some ways, but an area that is wealthy with opportunities, especially this time of year. 

If you are interested, just let me know and I can forward you the plan that I have for now.  I am working to further enhance it, if needed, too.   My trips with this guide have made very good and very affordable....no add-on for organization and such with many photo tours.  So, let me know if questions, or if you have interest.    Also...if interested, the guide I used in Flores is also making a plan for the last week of this year in Flores, Indonesia as there is a big traditional festival planned on the 27th.   As you have noted...also an amazing place and quite unknown.  

Thanks, Richard

Richard Schoettger

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Richard - please forward that to me at peopleineverydirection@hotmail.com. I would love to see this itinerary.

In all honestly I must be considered doubtful for this trip - I have a newborn, I used up my leave on his birth, I am about to become house poor so can scarcely afford to travel, and in October I have to be in Okinawa on business for two weeks.

But if enthusiasm for your gorgeous concept counts for anything then I am an ideal candidate to consider your itinerary. I am definitely interested! And I would love to have email contact with you just anyway.

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