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I removed the left sidebar in the image gallery to allow for a more pleasant viewing experience. You still see the sidebar in the other sections of the website.

What do you think?

Walter Rowe, Editor
Travel Photographers.net

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Hi Walter,

I just noticed this posting, so sorry for being a little tardy as I did notice the change.   I have two reasons why I actually like the sidebar always there:

1)  I am inside a folder and noticing all the great work, when I find something or someone I would like to check more into.  The left sidebar allows for a quick look into what is there and sometimes I will see something about that thing or person.  Nice way to navigate on the spur of the moment.  I have a wide screen, so real estate is not that much of an issue.

2)  I do not know if it is me or something else, but I really like the Log On always available as I have many times been "dropped" when adding comments, posting images, etc.   Even if I am not dropped, I sometimes browse a little if I am in a hurry, but then decide to log in.  I realize on the top right too, but to me more convenient on the side bar.   Do you know if others are having problems with being dropped too?  I have had several times where I add some comments or download an image only to have lost it.  I have gotten used to now saving the comments first before posting.

Thanks for doing this and trying different things.....Richard

Richard Schoettger

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Good points Richard. I'll add the sidebar back.

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Thanks Walter, I am also glad it's back Big GrinClappingLaughing Out LoudBig GrinClapping

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