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Hello all,

I am back in Toronto, and I guess this is home. Until recently, I lived in Japan, for about 15 years, which is a wonderful photographic destination in its own right, but it also gave me easy access to countries in North and South East Asia. If you haven’t been there, you are really missing out on some wonderful places on this earth. Cambodia, Laos, China...endless.

When I left Japan in 2014 I wrote an e-book called “The Photographer’s Guide to Tokyo”. My day job is Communications and I enjoy writing, I also found self-publishing and everything that goes along with it (lots more than planned&hellipWink exciting. No surprise then that I kept it up and I have just published “The Photographer’s Guide to Kyoto”. I did that with Patrick Hochner, an amazing photographer of the city and its many geisha, based in Kyoto.

You can find both books here: https://travelguidesforphotographers.com/

My longer-term goal is to expand the range of books to cover other locations that photographers are excited to travel to, so please do share this freely if you know someone who may be interested in partnering such a project. On the site linked above I wrote a short blurb about making e-books that aims to scare away anyone who may be sitting on the fence. There is a lot of work involved and not much money so this is a Passion Project and not a business. I love doing it and I get a lot of joy out of meeting interesting people who live in amazing places, making wonderful images. What’s not to like? 

I just got back from a trip to Florida and Alabama. Next up might be Washing DC. Now that I am back in North America, I am excited to check out more of this place that I have always taken for granted. I hope to meet many people through this site, see your work, and share my images and ideas. 

Happy trails...


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Thanks for the info, Richard. We have another Richard in our community who currently lives in Singapore and moved there specifically so he could travel that part of the world. He likes to get way off the beaten path and find the essence of a place that isn't indicative of the typical tourist attraction. Look for Richard Schoettger here on our site and feel free to contact him through his profile.

Welcome to TPN! We look forward to see photos from your travels and welcome member contributed articles.

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Hi there! I'm new here and nice to meet you all! Big Grin

Also maybe this will be useful for you  https://www.all-about-photo.com/photo-articles/photo-article.php

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