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Hello from Ontario, Canada, where this winter it feels like the snow is never going to leave and we will never see double digit temperatures.

Photography has truly been a part of my entire life. My father, first started photography during WW2, with the RCAF and ran numerous studios in Toronto, before starting his own. For most of my life the darkroom was right next door to my bedroom grew up with contact sheets and bulk loading film. I also grew up with parents who loved to travel and that has been in my DNA from the beginning. All Canadian Provinces, most American States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia have been checked off my list so far, which still leaves me more than a few destinations yet to explore and many to revisit.

In addition to this site, I have begun building a travel blog, which will allow me to share both photos and content for visitors enjoyment. I invite you to visit my work in progress at www.highbraestravels.com/

I hope you enjoy the images I have to share.

Happy travels.


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Welcome to our community, Addison. We look forward to seeing some of your wonderful array of imagery here on TravelPhotographers.net. With your colorful life and father's history, perhaps you might also have some articles hiddin away in your mind that you would be willing to where here.

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