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Hi. Here is an idea. Sometimes we want to visit some exotic place; however, because of cost, safety, or logistics it may make sense for a group to go.

For example, I know there are many good African safaris led by many wonderful instructors. However, the costs are pretty steep. Possibly a group of people could do some of the places together at a lower cost.

Alternatively, if you would like to go to a third world country, maybe there is safety in numbers.

What do you all think?

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Good idea. There are travel organizations / agencies that can help with these types of group trips. Just need someone willing to propose a location and take responsibility for organizing and lining up things. Where would you want to go? Do you have a list of places? Maybe share your list and others will chime in interested in specific places. TPN knows photo tour and workshop people who would probably be willing to help if everyone were to contribute to their fee.

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I figure that places in the West are relatively easy for individuals to do themselves unless it is one of the out of the way places in Alaska.  I am pretty much flexible.  South America.  Africa.  Some places in Asia would be interesting to me. 


Obviously there are some places that are not that safe where a group traveling together would make economic sense plus this would help for safety. 


Do any other members have ideas or places they would be interested in going together?

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if you take travel guider with you it will be healful for you to travle to those places where you have not


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