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Almost had a minor crisis in the home office today. Without looking closely enough I slipped an SD card into the side of my iMac. As it turns out I slipped it into the CD/DVD slot. And there is a felt cover over that slot such that anything going in does not come out easily.

I turned off the iMac, disconnected all the peripherals, stood it on end, and shook it until I could hear the SD card moving about free inside the CD/DVD slot. I then set it down on my legs, still on it's end, and bounced it a few times while slipping the head of a small flathead screwdriver into the CD/DVD slot to move the felt aside. A corner of the SD card just poked through, but was still was not far enough out that I could grab it. So I innovated by getting a bread bag twist tie, flattening the plastic coating, and making it into a sort of hook (shape of the letter "J"Wink. While keeping the iMac on-end with the CD/DVD slide pointing down between my knees, I slipped the twist tie up into the CD/DVD slot, positioned the twist tie hook behind the SD card, and pulled it far enough out that I could grab and remove it.

Minor crisis averted. Thank goodness!

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