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I'm curious what on-demand book printing services you have used and what your thoughts are on the product you received. I have used Blurb and was happy with the result. Then I recently made a book using Apple Aperture and had it printed through Apple. It made my feelings about Blurb go down a notch as the Apple product was superior in construction, paper quality and color fidelity. By comparison my Blurb books now look a bit faded, the images are not as crisp, and the paper weight is not as heavy as that of the Apple product. In addition, the Apple book had both a printed dust jacket and printed hard cover. With the Blurb products I purchased I had to choose either dust jacket or hard cover. Blurb's offerings may have changed since I used them a few years ago, but I was really impressed with the product Apple sent me. Another thing I liked about Apple's book product was that I didn't have to pay a surcharge to remove an Apple logo on the book. Blurb charges you a surcharge to remove their logo and name.

Here is the cover of the book I made with Apple's book service:

New England 2013 book created with Apple Aperture, printed with Apple's book service
New England 2013 book created with Apple Aperture, printed with Apple's book service

So .. what kind of books have you created, what book printing services have you used, and what was your opinion of the product you received versus what you expected.

I should add that my Apple book is a hardcover 13x10 inch book with about 80 sides (40 pages), it cost about $150 with delivery, and it took about a week from order to delivery. I could not print and sell these at this price, but it certainly makes an impressive coffee table book for my house.

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