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Hello folks,

I recently got back from a diving trip where I was using a Canon S100 compact, shooting in RAW. I'm going through these one by one using Camera RAW 7.1 and PS CS6 extended. The problem is when I open the RAW files, Camera RAW 7.1 seems to automatically crop my images? I have tried resetting camera RAW defaults on 7.1, I have tried changing the image size on the link found in the centre, bottom of 7.1 screen, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to stop my images from getting automatically cropped. I have even tried opening a RAW file taken with my Canon 7D and that opens up just fine, full image, as I would expect but any RAW file taken with the S100 gets cropped.


Some of the research I've done mentions something about algorithms in software. I am not too sure what this means but some of the research tells me that "non-canon" software will open the files in full size. Can anyone help?


Thank you all!



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Hi Miguel,

Have you checked the camera settings for the S100? Does it have a cropped shooting mode? If so, maybe Camera Raw 7.1 is honoring that setting? I'm not familiar with the S100 so this is just a guess. You should also see if there is a newer camera raw version now. My PS CS6 camera raw plugin is at version 8.1. You can check yours by going to About Plug-in > Camera Raw.


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 My apologies, I do not own nor do I know about the S100 however could you just put the sd card in your 7d and then try downloading the raw files?

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