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 Hi All, 


My name is Sieghart, from Belgium living in China at the moment. 

I'm not a beginner at photography, but I'm a beginner at wanting to make it my core business! 

I'm currently setting up my website, and I would like to ask other members here for their opinion, both on my photographs as on the layout, design and funuctionality of my website! 

So if you want to do me a favor, please check www.korbinphotography.com and tell me your honest feedback!


Many thanks!!




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Welcome to TPN. I will visit your site and come back with some comments. On first visit I did notice it is a little slow. I have more feedback later.

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 Thanks Walter!


Yes, my site is slow!! At the moment i've got some serious speed problems with my WordPress set-up, and it seems to come from all directions... hope to fix it soon!

if there's any WP geniusses around here, please feel free to help me out here! Smile


thanks for the welcome!



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