NY in the SNOW

A Magical Vision of New York City

Here is a very unique new book. From cover to cover it is just one theme in one location, SNOW on the streets of just about, if not all, areas of the city of New York.

NY in the SNOW by Vivienne Gucwa
NY in the SNOW by Vivienne Gucwa

Taken in daytime and at night, which to me are the best ones with the added street lights and their warm glow. Some streets are bare empty except for a car or two, and others have people passing by, or with a shovel in hand. Shot in every part of town, and with locations I have never seen photos of, like the fountain at City Hall Park. Images are both black & white and color, but because of the night shots I like the color shots best. The warm glow of street lights combined with the colors of business signs make for a book I will keep in my photo library. If this was just another book of street photography, I would probably pass on it, but with the addition of snow in every shot, it is now a one of a kind as I have never seen another like it.

This hard back book will be available September 5, 2017, but you can pre-order it now. It is 8.5x8.5 inches, 192 pages, and retails for US $24.99. It is published by ilex Press and distributed by Hachette Book Group in the US.

by Paul W. Faust

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