Digital Black & White Landscape Photography

Digital Black & White Landscape Photography
Fine Art Techniques from Camera to Print
by - Gary Wagner

I love black & white photography no matter if it starts out as a B&W capture, or if it is converted from a color original. This new book covers the landscape part of digital B&W photography from start to finish and is full of great illustrations for step by step instruction on how each image was made. Many of these illustrations also include screen captures of the software used in post-processing of the image and these screen captures also show the tool settings the author used for each step. That is one thing I find very helpful when it comes to knowing exactly how an image was adjusted. Just telling a reader this and that was used does very little in my opinion, and I do not like having to guess how a finished look was obtained. Show me and the book becomes more valuable, as this one certainly has. If you come across a difficult lighting situation the book also covers that with its HDR examples. I just wish it was bigger and with more examples. Maybe next time. (hint) I do find the price a bit high for this size of a book.

This soft cover book is about 7.5x10 inches, with 125 pages, retails for US-$34.95, and is published by Amherst Media at:

I rate it: A+

Digital Black & White Landscape Photography by Gary Wagner
Digital Black & White Landscape Photography by Gary Wagner

by Paul W. Faust

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